About us

About Century Aluminum Vlissingen

In June 2012, Century Aluminum Company purchased the anode plant in Vlissingen. The maximum capacity of this plant is 165,000 tonnes of anodes per year. The anodes will be shipped to Iceland, where they are used in the production of aluminum smelters in Iceland.

Before production started in 2013 a major investment project has been carried out by an international project team. The manufacturing site now meets the requirements in terms of safety and environment. Century Aluminum Vlissingen will do business with many vendors from the region.

Century Vlissingen develops new employment in Zeeland. We employ highly qualified personnel. Century mainly hires operators, technicians, engineers and administrative employees. Approximately 95% of the staff comes from the neighboring municipalities.


Anodes are carbon blocks used as conductors in the electrolysis process by which aluminum is produced.

Vision and mission

In May 2020 we have formulated our vision for the year 2025.

Business activity

The general presentation about Century Aluminum Vlissingen BV contains a lot of information about our company.