Vision and mission

Vision 2025

In May 2020 we have formulated our vision for the year 2025, it has been defined as follows:

Customer & stakeholders

  1. We are a company that acts (internationally) socially responsible.
  2. We supply 100% of the anodes required by Norðurál and we keep our focus on external customers.
  3. Because of our good results and reputation, both our customer and corporate organization have confidence in making resources available for the future of this location.


  1. Our behavior is the key to our success.
  2. Employees are energetic, motivated, proud and all-round trained professionals. They demonstrate ownership and are empowered to make relevant decisions independently.
  3. Employees have the opportunity for personal development and education. There continues to be sufficient challenge and variety in the tasks and roles.

Safety, Health & Environment

  1. We strive to make our working environment as healthy as possible.
  2. We have a visibly tidy, safe and clean working environment. Our behavior determines our safe working culture.
  3. Our installations and supply chains are optimized and continue to meet all external requirements.
  4. The results achieved by this team are among the best worldwide. We are capable of solving today’s and tomorrow’s problems.


  1. We are open and transparent and we have an efficient organization with informal and short communication lines.
  2. We continuously work on improvements, innovations and sustainability.

Our mission:

Making Anodes for Natur-Al™ Aluminum