Safety & Environment

Safety and the environment are high on the agenda. The aim is to be ‘best in class” in the aluminum industry. Great commitment is shown to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations in this area. Concern for the environment always plays an important role in our decision making. We continuously strive to improve the results by regularly evaluating and improving our business.

HSE policy statement – Century Aluminum Vlissingen

Our policy is focused on corporate social responsibility, ensuring the health and safety of our employees and those of third parties, meeting the legal and other HSE requirements and preventing environmental damage. The integrated management system provides assurance and aims to continuously improve our performance.

Health and Safety

Century Vlissingen is committed to have an accident free workplace. Our starting point is that any work-related accident can be prevented. Prevention of accidents is shaped by performing a risk inventory and evaluation (RI&E) prior to execution of the work. Health and safety are paramount in our activities. We want to give effect to the slogan “we do it safely or we don’t do it” to all work carried out on the site of Century Vlissingen. We require all employees and contractors to stop work and correct conditions or methods if the work cannot be carried out safely.

We have the organization and processes arranged in such way that the consequences of the use of hazardous substances will never lead to a serious accident. By optimizing our behavior, we are confident that we will achieve our safety goals.


The spearheads of our environmental policy have their basis in the assessment and evaluation of our environmental aspects. We continuously strive to reduce the environmental impact with the greatest impact. Ongoing goals are reducing the water and air emissions and meeting all regulatory requirements. Other key elements of the environment policy are optimal use of resources and energy.